Poll Suggests Almost Half Of Scots Support Vaping As Quitting Aid

A poll in Scotland exploring people’s attitudes to vaping suggests that nearly half of those surveyed want the government to encourage vaping for people looking for a way to stop smoking.

According to the poll by the Scottish Grocer’s Federation of over 2000 people, 45 per cent of those surveyed either agreed or strongly agreed that e-cigarettes and disposable vapes should be supported as a way to transition smokers away from the proven harm of cigarettes.

The study, which had a roughly even split of non-smokers and current/ex-smokers, had several interesting findings about the e-cigarette world as it enters a period of transition, including regarding buying behaviour, why vapers choose the products they did and how accessible they should be.

Interestingly, half of those surveyed want to make accessing vapes easier, with only 1 in 6 wanting to make purchasing vaping products a more restrictive process, which sits in contrast to a consultation that proposed banning in-store promotional displays.

According to those surveyed who were current or ex-vapers (which comprised a fifth of respondents), they chose the products they currently used based on which were the least harmful, the most affordable and the best equipped to help them quit for good.

The survey noted the experience of 75-year-old ex-bricklayer James Donaldson, who after three heart attacks and many chest infections as a result of a life-long addiction to smoking, managed to make a clean transition to e-cigarettes.

He has not smoked in the 18 months since, and has stated that he feels better, has saved over £6,000 per year and that vaping was the only smoking cessation tool that managed to stick despite trying patches, gum and everything else.

Interestingly, vapers are also going more local, buying from smaller retailers closer to them rather than relying on huge online retailers, double the number that said they were ordering locally a year ago.

Smaller retailers are not only more trustworthy experts but can also help people who are unsure what they want to find the kit that suits them perfectly, as well as encourage responsible, safe vaping habits.

These products can range from disposable vape pens to e-cigarettes that more closely resemble their tobacco alternative or more powerful multi-part tools.

Interestingly, whilst discussions about the place for vapes have intensified in recent years, this is far from a new debate, with alternatives to cigarettes being developed even before the extent of the harm cigarettes cause was known.

The earliest patent for an electronic vaping tool was filed in 1927, but whilst it resembled a modern e-cigarette, it was designed to be used with medicinal compounds and not as a true alternative to smoking. Similar patents and inventions were developed in the 1930s.

The first true e-cigarette was patented in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert, who developed a system for producing flavoured steam in a system that sounds astonishingly close to the vapes we use today, but was just too early to see any form of success and was sadly never commercialised.

It would take until 2001 for Hon Lik’s more modern design to truly take off and make vapes a regular, everyday device.

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