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Showing 1–40 of 225 results

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What is 50ml shortfill e-liquid?

One option available to vapers is 50ml shortfill e-liquid bottles, which contain 50ml of nicotine-free high vegetable glycerine e-liquid. A gap of 10ml is left at the top of these bottles so you can fill them up with a 10ml nicotine shot.

This allows you to tailor your vape to suit your personal preferences, and it means you can save money since shortfills can last for weeks or even months, depending on how much you vape.

How does a 50ml shortfill differ from regular e-liquid bottles?

Shortfill e-liquid bottles were developed to allow vapers to buy bigger bottles and save money on equipment, in response to new legislation restricting nicotine-based e-liquids to just 10ml. Shortfills don’t have any nicotine in them, but there is space left at the top of the bottle for vapers to add their own nicotine shots to produce the desired strength.

How to mix 50ml shortfill e-liquids?

It might seem a little daunting if you’re new to vaping but rest assured that it’s very easy to mix shortfill e-liquid bottles. All you need to do is remove the cap from the bottle and then squeeze your nicotine shots in. Put the lid back on, give it a good shake to combine the liquids and away you go.

What is the ratio of PG and VG in a 50ml shortfill e-liquid?

The PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid will, together with the nicotine strength, determine the overall vaping experience you’ll get, affecting flavour, smoothness, throat hit and cloud production. 

The right ratio will be determined by the device you have and shortfill e-liquids are available in a range of different ratios. Higher VG shortfills can be used in advanced subohm kits, for example, while 50/50 split bottles can be used in starter kits, pods and pens.

50ml E Liquid FAQ

Do 50ml e liquids contain nicotine?

E-liquids sold in 50ml bottles are nicotine free. If you prefer nicotine in your juice, you can add a nicotine shot to your e-liquid.

How long does 50ml e liquid last?

It all depends on the device and power that you are vaping at. In most cases, a 50ml bottle of vape juice will last a heavy vaper up to three to four days. Moderate vapers will usually be able to enjoy the bottle for about a week. And finally, casual users will usually find that 50ml bottles last them around ten to 14 days.

How much does 50ml vape juice cost?

50ml vape juices are available from £1 to £15. It all depends on the brand that you use. Just because some vape juices are lower in cost does not mean they aren’t still made to the high standards as more expensive ones.

How many nic shots go into a 50ml e liquid bottle?

Most 50ml eliquids come in a 60ml bottle, so you can add a single 10ml nic shot to the e-liquid.

Are there any advantages to using a 50ml shortfill?

Yes, there are advantages to using a 50ml shortfill e-liquid bottle.  It is advantageous to vapers who want more flexibility with nicotine strength and want to customise flavour. Following are some key benefits:

Nicotine Customisation: Shortfills come with zero nicotine (0mg).  This provides an opportunity for vapers to add their desired nicotine shots or boosters. This provides precise control over the nicotine strength, catering to both low and high-nicotine preferences.

Lower Initial Nicotine: For those who want to gradually reduce their nicotine intake shortfills with zero nicotine are a good choice. This also helps vapers start with no nicotine and add nicotine shots as needed, making it easier to transition away from nicotine addiction.

Flavour Mixing: Shortfills allow vapers to mix different flavours by combining various e-liquids to suit individual tastes.

Cost-Efficiency: In some cases, purchasing a 50ml shortfill with nicotine shots can be more cost-effective as compared to buying pre-mixed e-liquids with the same nicotine strength.

Reduced Waste: As shortfills come in larger bottles, it reduces the number of plastic bottles used, resulting in reduced waste, which is environmentally friendly.