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Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a base ingredient when it comes to E-liquids, and VG is an essence derived from plant oils, this usually is in the form of an odorless liquid with other natural mixtures. Vegetable Glycerine is a completely natural product which is usually colourless, odourless and is viscous. Vegetable Glycerine liquid is used in E-liquids, cosmetic production and in foods. Here at DIY E-liquids we use VG of the highest purity which is sourced from our connections across Europe. We make sure you receive the highest quality as VG actually makes up more than half of your E-liquids when creating your own, so we know how vital and essential this ingredient is, and here at DIY, we show you that we understand and care for the products we put out to you as a customer.

Propylene Glycol is a very popular base for e liquids. The popularity comes from PG e liquid benefits. It is less viscous than Vegetable Glycerin and easier to handle when refilling your e-cigarette’s atomiser. Another benefit is that due to its low viscosity and density means that you will get less gunk build up in the coil. PG eliquid is also faster absorbed by the wick material. Furthermore, almost no taste coming from Propylene Glycol e liquid means that you can add any flavour concentrate and feel the taste without any flavour distortion. So if you would like to try making your own vaping e juice, order Propylene Glycol (PG) e liquid base and mix it with flavour concentrates to make your favourite vaping E liquid. PG E liquid comes in various size bottles for starters and experienced DIY E liquid users.

At DIY E Liquids we supply everything you need to measure accurately, handle the liquids safely and store your finished e-liquid, from syringes and disposable gloves to plastic or glass bottles. Why go anywhere else when we’ve got what you need to make your own vape juice here.