Menthol and Mint Flavour Concentrates

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Menthol Flavour DIY E Liquid concentrates and Mint Flavour DIY E Liquid Concentrates.

DIY E Liquids are home to a whole host of different flavoured vaping juices, each of which is unique in taste, smell and come customisable to ensure you have the best vaping experience possible. A healthier alternative to traditional smoking, our range of flavoured E Liquids will ensure that you have a great tasting vape experience with every juice you use. A popular range that we stock is our menthol range. This range is ideal for all who want to enjoy a refreshing mint or menthol flavoured vape. Our minty vaping E Liquids are strong in flavour, refreshing in taste and offer exceptional value for money. Every E Liquid that you purchase from us here at DIY e-Liquids is guaranteed to give you 100% customer satisfaction.