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New to vaping? Questioning how to create your own E-liquids? Or just simply looking for mixing kits or how to mix liquids? Then you’re at the right place. Here at DIY E-liquids we provide our own DIY E-liquids mixing kits which are ideal for your E-cig. We provide E-liquid mixing kits for both new beginners and advanced Pros at vaping. So even if you’re new to the vaping game and just getting started or if you are more experienced and just looking for something new to try, we can provide the highest quality DIY E-liquid mixing kits at competitive and affordable prices each with different components and accessories within the kits and a mixture of different flavours (choices are optioned within selection of product)

We have E-liquid mixing kits with nicotine and kits without nicotine and we also stock accessory kits ensuring that we are guaranteed to have a vaping package that is perfect for you and your requirements. Each E-liquid mixing kit contains a pair of gloves, followed by a bottle of VG (Size of bottle depends on kit), a bottle of PG (Size of bottle depends on kit), A number of unique selected E-liquid concentrates (Flavour is chosen by yourself and bottle size depends on what kit you choose), syringes, spare bottles and the option of having nicotine shots within your kit.

All our DIY E-liquid Mixing kits have everything you need to start blending and creating your own E-liquid Juices.

So, get cracking today on experimenting and creating your own E-liquids, you never know you may come up with a new concoction that will blow your taste buds and your mind!