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Ice Cream Flavour DIY E-Liquid concentrates.

We all love Ice Cream! There’s no debating that, so here at DIY E Liquids we offer a vast range of indulgent Ice Cream flavoured E Liquid Concentrates. We have Ice Cream flavours and tastes that give all sorts of sensations when vaping, from velvet cream tastes to sweet and sour taste. Our Ice Cream concentrates bring rich sensations to your taste buds that no other E Liquid could do, bringing a full of life taste and cooling after sensation. We have blended some of the most delicious and popular Ice Cream based treats that really offer that tongue tingling taste.

We Guarantee to bring the best dessert based flavour to suit your taste. DIY E-Liquids Ice Cream flavours bring a new way to enjoy sweet and fruity flavours and bring out the real taste of summer in your Vape.