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How To Keep Your Vape In Good Condition

We all know the frustration of having to purchase a new vape when your old one inevitably stops working, whether it’s after months or years. But maintaining your device can help it stay in good working order for much longer. 

The worst mistake you can make is to let your vape burn out, as this can damage the atomiser, making the vape work less effectively and leaving a horrible taste in your mouth when you use it. 

If you do experience dry burn, changing your coil out and restarting is the best option. From there, regularly topping up your pen with e-liquid to ensure it doesn’t run too low will prevent this from happening again and keep your vape tasting great. 

Regularly changing coils is good practice, as it stops burnout and helps keep your device in full working order. Although vape pens are reusable, rechargeable devices, some of the parts, like coils, are disposable and should be changed.

Storing your vape upright can help to prevent leaks, which can cause damage to the battery and make your vape sticky and unclean. If you find that you can taste and feel e-liquid, you may want to clean your mouthpiece out with a tissue or cotton bud to remove any residue. 

Don’t let your vaping device get wet! It Is an electrical device and letting water get into the battery or coil can cause it to malfunction, which can be dangerous.

If your device does get wet, it is best to dry it off as soon as possible and refrain from using it straight away, this can help any water to dry up. In the event your vape has been submerged or exposed to water for extended periods, the safest option is to replace it. 

Cleaning the different components of your vape, such as the vape tank, between liquid changes is a great way to make sure it stays in good condition. 

This ensures the device is always clean and as new when using and prevents old liquid build-up, which can affect the flavour of your vape. 

Investing in a storage case is a good way to keep your vape from gathering dirt and debris and to protect it from any damage. This also allows you to keep all your essentials in one place, so you can have everything you need easily accessible. 

Using a case for your vape can protect it from being bashed around in your bag and can also protect it if you drop it accidentally, which can both cause damage to the battery or smash the tank. 

As with all battery-operated devices, it’s advised to not run your vapes battery right down. This can help improve the battery life of your device. It also means you will never be caught with a dead device, so you can vape to your heart’s content. 

Another way to maintain your vape quality is to use a good liquid and store it properly. While your device does all the work, the liquid is what provides the clouds of flavour.

Choosing a flavour you enjoy, is of good quality and is stored correctly is a great way to ensure you always enjoy vaping.