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No, Do Not Open Up And Recharge Old Vape Batteries

It goes without saying that when a disposable vape runs out and can no longer be used, the best solution is to safely and responsibly dispose of it and either buy a new one or consider buying a refillable, rechargeable vape device.

However, an electrician has presented a warning about people attempting to recharge old disposable devices in a way that could potentially lead to exploding batteries.

Bernie McLaughlin, chief executive of Master Electricians in New Zealand, has warned people who consider recharging disposable batteries that they are potentially putting their health at risk in the process.

The technique, which will not be described in detail here but involved removing a safety cap, exposing the battery and then bypassing a range of safety measures to effectively “hotwire” it using other equipment, comes with a range of dangers.

The first, and most obvious, comes with messing around with live wires, which can cause serious injury and potential death if mishandled.

Alongside this, the battery could potentially break entirely, leak acid or even potentially catch fire or explode, causing injuries to anyone caught near it. The cable itself could also potentially melt, or catch fire, in both cases exposing live wires that could make fighting the fire more difficult and less safe.

Lithium, the main material vape batteries are made from, is volatile when it catches fire, which makes it highly dangerous.


Vapes are not the only device that this type of dangerous technique is attempted with, however. Smartphones and other electronics can be charged in the same way, with the same risks attached.


Typically, it is best to avoid opening up any battery-powered electronic device that is not designed to be serviced, whether that is a phone or e-cigarette and dispose of any damaged electronics in a way that is appropriate and safe.