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Why Does Vaping Help People Stop Smoking?

Over the past ten years, there has been a seismic shift in smoking culture that can be easily described as “out with the old, in with the new”.

With the availability of a technologically advanced and safer solution available, millions of people have finally found a tool that can help transition them away from smoking, with a greater range of devices available from a vape supplier than ever before.

According to the father of vaping, Dr Hon Lik, vaping is the digital camera to smoking’s analogue film, intended to be a straightforward transition from one to the other. Whilst he ultimately did not manage to quit smoking entirely, millions of people successfully made the transition.

This naturally leads to the question of how vaping helps people to stop smoking, particularly those that have struggled with other aids such as gum and patches.

Whilst every stop smoking story is unique, here are some of the common ways vaping gives people the power to quit the habit for good.


Helps Transition Habits

There are many elements to an addiction to smoking. Whilst the chemically addictive effects of nicotine have been extensively documented over several decades, one important aspect to never discount is the psychological effects of smoking.

Losing that almost subconscious routine can be difficult in those early days of quitting, and this is in no small part why vape devices are designed the way they are. They help to maintain that routine but in a way that causes significantly less harm to their help, and help you get through that first difficult week.


Better Nicotine Control

It is very difficult to stop smoking because of the addictive power of nicotine, but whilst going cold turkey is not an option for everyone, switching to an e-liquid similar to the strength of the cigarettes you were taking and gradually reducing the amount is a more effective alternative strategy.

This gradual strategy is far more effective at not only helping people stop smoking but reduce their chance of picking the habit back up again.


Similar Oral Sensation

The association people have with smoking includes a vast range of sensations, from the mouth to the hit on a smoker’s throat.

Vaping is the closest cessation aid to providing that feeling due to its heated vapour, and it is this in no small part that has made modern vapes more successful than previous attempts such as the non-electronic Favor vape products.

This is part of the reason why so many different vapes are on the market, with more powerful, larger kits designed to allow for adjustable hits based on a smoker’s particular preferences.

Irrespective of whichever way you choose to vape to match your previous smoking technique, vaping is a significantly safer option.


Convenient Nicotine Delivery

Patches, gum and other nicotine delivery products are designed to release a steady supply of nicotine throughout the day to reduce cravings, but for some these cravings can intensify to the point of making these types of products ineffective.

Vaping is a lot closer to smoking in that nicotine is delivered as and when people need it, which for some people can help boost the resistance to cigarettes right at the moment they need that help most.