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Weirdest Vape Juice Flavours Money Can Buy

There are several common stages when smokers make the transition to vaping, get used to the new devices and enjoy the more controllable hit they get.

They start by seeking out both health advice and vape supplier advice on what device to start with, try several methods out before they settle on a device and a routine that suits how they used to smoke best and make the transition.

Once they do, some will want to experiment further. Vaping provides a lot more avenues for personalisation and experimentation than cigarettes do, with the biggest example of this being in flavours.

There are an impossibly large number of flavours available, from those that replicate particular tobacco blends, to mint, menthol and fruit flavours. There are even flavours that replicate tuck shop sweets such as Parma Violets, Fruit Salads and Mint Imperials.

However, at some point during any search for vape flavours, you often find ones so baffling and odd that they seem to have been made because they were possible and not because anyone should have.


If anyone has ever been gifted a Soda Stream as a present or a novelty, one of the first experimental flavours people will often try is making fizzy, carbonated milk. It often tastes quite bad and they quickly learn the lesson not to mess with Milk like that.

Milk-flavoured vape is a very similar type of strange experiment, tasting like a milk bottle sweet that has been set on fire.



The student night favourite mix of herby liqueur and energy drink seems like a particularly strange offering given that most people drink such a concoction so quickly that it is a wonder if they taste anything.

However, for people who love the aftertaste of slightly liquorice-tasting Red Bull, Jagerbomb is a flavour you can find, although there are much better cocktail-themed vape flavours available on the market such as Pina Colada or Mojito.

Hot Dog

There are many different meat-themed flavours, such as roast chicken, roast beef and bacon-flavoured vape juices, which are all strange in their own way but also don’t taste even close to the genuine article.

Hot dogs, often having that strange, distinct taste thanks to the brine they are soaked in, are a much better candidate for vaping, giving you that BBQ sensation in the back of your throat.


It was inevitable that someone was going to try and make a distinctly fish-flavoured vape, and in fact, there is a huge collection to try, from king prawns to crab.

Tuna is probably the strangest, however, as it lacks the obvious fishy taste of salmon or crab sticks, so why it was made in the first place is anyone’s guess.


Worcestershire Sauce

An ideal addition to cheese on toast ordinarily, the mix of soy sauce and vinegar is a particularly strong and aromatic acquired taste when added to meals.

As a vape flavour, it seems like an odd addition, much like drinking down the sauce directly from the bottle, but at the same time, there is a curiosity to getting such a strange flavour in vape form.