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Five Steps That Can Help People Stop Smoking

There is no single action you can take to help improve your health, quality of life and lifespan than to stop smoking. By giving up cigarettes and switching to vape hardware you can add years to your expected lifespan.

The body is incredibly adaptable, and in most cases, there are tangible health benefits to not smoking that can be seen within hours of that last drag.

Much like how Dry January has become a way for people to make a long-term commitment to stop drinking, Vapril aims to do the same, and here are five steps you can take to change your life.


Take Stock Of Your Habit

Knowledge is power, and one of the problems that stops people from quitting is not understanding why you smoke in the first place, as well as how often you smoke and your overall goals for your health.

This will affect the types of vape that are right for you, and how quickly you can make the switch. It is much safer to make a gradual shift that lasts forever rather than go cold turkey and potentially relapse.


Selecting The Optimal Vape

The right vape will fit around how you used to smoke and satisfy nicotine cravings. This can be an intense box mod or a more casual disposable device depending on your needs.


Choosing The Right Nicotine Levels

Choosing the right level of nicotine in your vape can vary depending on what type of smoker you were but as a general rule, 2mg is for casual smokers, 12mg is for average smokers and 18mg will satisfy serious cravings.


Choose Your Flavours

If you smoked for the taste, then there are many flavours that will replicate the taste and smell of tobacco, but vaping also allows for far more experimentation. Try a sweet treat instead.


Take It A Day At A Time

Every cigarette you do not smoke is time added on to the rest of your life, and so every time you choose not to smoke is a victory. If you feel it is too much, take stock of your successes and take as long as you need. Every cigarette not smoked is a success.