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Common Vaping Problems And How To Solve Them At Home

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking. Many people choose to make the switch as it is a great way to quit cigarettes that is often much easier than using alternatives such as gum or nicotine patches.

There are many reasons why someone may want to quit smoking. The health issues associated with smoking can be dangerous and some may decide they want to kick the habit for good.

Vaping provides an enjoyable experience. Not only is there a huge range of amazing flavours on offer but vaping also has far fewer issues associated with it. This makes it a preferable option for smoking.

There are many different vapes on the market. With so much to choose from, it can often be overwhelming however there are options for everyone.

From disposable vapes to refillable pod devices and large tank vapes, you can likely find something that suits your tastes and needs and also fits your budget.

As with anything though, sometimes issues may arise with your vape. Most problems can be easily fixed. There are several common issues that you may experience that you can fix very simply by yourself.

One issue that may arise is that your battery stops working. Sometimes, this can be as simple as you forgetting to charge it. In this case, plugging your battery in and waiting for it to juice up is all you need to do.

Some vapes also have the ability to turn off if you press the button a certain number of times. This can often be done accidentally if your vape is in your bag or pocket. Double-check that your device hasn’t been switched off if you find your battery isn’t working.

Battery problems may also be caused by connection issues. This can happen if lint or debris gets into the terminal between your battery and juice tank.

It is very easy to fix this, all you need to do is use a cotton bud or tissue to clean the dust and dirt away and your vape should be ready to use again in no time.

If you are still experiencing battery issues, you may want to consider replacing your battery. Sometimes, batteries can die with no cause and if this is the case it is important that you replace them as soon as possible

Charging a dead battery can sometimes be dangerous and if the battery has stopped working due to damage or other issues, the safest option is a replacement.

Another issue you may encounter is that your vape isn’t releasing any vapour. This issue is more common than you think and can be solved very easily at home.

First, check the device is fully charged and operational. Sometimes a dying battery can cause your vape to stop releasing vapour. This can be solved by simply recharging your device.

Secondly, check the air intake isn’t blocked. Often, dust or debris may find itself in the intake hole which can stop air from being drawn through the device.

Using a tissue, wipe, or cotton bud to remove any dust will ensure your vape is working as it should. If the hole is clogged, try not to continue trying to draw on the vape as this can cause the coil to burn which will result in a bad taste and you having to replace it.

Leaking is another common issue. Vape liquid can sometimes find itself in the rim of your tank which may make it appear to be leaking. To avoid this, make sure you do not overfill your tank and ensure you wipe any excess away before closing the device up again.

Another reason you may be experiencing leaking is due to a sealing problem. Most liquid tanks have a small rubber seal which helps to stop leaks. This can sometimes become displaced or fall out, which will cause e-liquid to seep out of the device.

If this has occurred, you will need to either reposition or replace your seal. To do this, empty the tank of e-liquid and ensure it is fully dry. If you are repositioning a seal, ensure the seal has been wiped clean as well then put it back into place. This should reseal the tank and stop the leaking.

Another cause of leaking is cracks in the glass. These can sometimes be very small so be sure you properly inspect the tank for any chips or cracks before replacing it.

You should always store your vaping device upright to prevent leaks, if you store it sideways or upside down, liquid can seep out of the mouthpiece which can taste unpleasant when you go to use your device.

If you find your vape is tasting bitter or burnt, it usually means it is time to replace your coil. Overuse of a coil or hitting your vape when it hasn’t fully soaked up the liquid can result in a burning coil, which leaves an unpleasant taste.

Replacing coils is very simple and usually only takes a minute or so, therefore this is a quick and easy fix that you can do.

To avoid burnt coils, ensure you let your vape sit for several minutes after refilling to give the coil time to soak up the liquid. You should also make sure that there is always enough liquid in the tank to fully cover or submerge the coil.

If your vape is spitting you can solve this very easily. Usually, this happens when you first use your vape after a while or if you have just refilled it and can be caused by the juice suddenly heating up.

This is because the coil gets very hot and it is essentially the same as what happens when you drop cold water into a hot pan. The way to solve this is to ensure your coil is fully soaked and submerged and has had enough time to rest before you use your vape.

The best way to avoid this from happening if it is a frequent occurrence is to simply point your vape away from your mouth when you first fire it up, therefore preventing any spit back from going into your mouth,

If your device is making a strange gurgling or bubbling sound when you use it, it can be due to several different reasons.

One is that liquid has found its way into the mouthpiece and is bubbling when you take a drag of your vape.

This can be fixed by removing the mouthpiece and ensuring it has been cleaned out and is free from any e-liquid before replacing it.

Liquid can find its way into the mouthpiece for various different reasons. To avoid this, you should ensure that you aren’t overfilling your tank and allowing liquid to spill out into other parts of your device.

You should also avoid shaking your device around too much. Keep it in a pocket or save space in your bag in an upright and steady position to prevent this.

You may also have not screwed the tank back on tight enough, which can allow liquid to seep out. Ensuring it is fully screwed on and secure after refilling is the best way to avoid this.

When refilling your vape, it is important that you put the juice in the right area. If you fill the central tube it can cause the vape to flood and ruin the entire tank, so avoid this at all costs.

If you find your e-liquids are discolouring or darkening, you may need to make some changes to avoid this happening.

Storing your liquids in a cool, dark place is the best way to avoid discolouration. Sunlight and heat can sometimes cause the liquids to change colour.

You should also ensure your liquids are properly sealed. Oxidisation can often cause liquids to discolour and if they are left open for extended periods of time, this can cause the entire bottle to turn an orange-brown colour.

If you use a high strength of nicotine, this can also cause your liquids to oxidise and discolour faster so it is important that you store them correctly to avoid this.

If your liquid is discolouring in your tank, it can be because the coil is burnt and is therefore turning your liquid a darker shade. To avoid this, ensure the coil is replaced as regularly as necessary.

You should also check that your tank is clean. Wiping it out properly between refills will ensure no old juice is left behind, which can sometimes cause the new liquid to discolour.

It is still safe to use discoloured e-liquid, however, the strength and flavour can be compromised so it is recommended that you dispose of and replace your vape juice if this occurs.

If you are still finding issues with your vape after trying to troubleshoot by yourself, taking your device to a vape shop is the best option. They will be able to give you advice on how to fix the issue or suggest a replacement if the issue cannot be solved.