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Why Nicotine Salts Are Ideal For Ex-Smokers During Stoptober

Many smokers will be going through the process of quitting this month, as the annual Stoptober campaign is currently running. 

This NHS programme was designed to encourage more smokers to butt out their cigarettes for good by taking advantage of the support available, and having accountability with other quitters. 

Although Stoptober has proved very successful in the past, with 2.3 million people attempting to stop smoking due to the campaign since it launched in 2012, giving up cigarettes for good is still incredibly challenging for long-term smokers. 

In fact, 12.3 per cent of smokers attempted to quit during Stoptober 2020 but just four per cent were still not smoking after four weeks.

This could have been due to many reasons, from not taking advantage of online support groups to trying to do it without addressing their withdrawal symptoms, which can be very difficult to manage. 

Therefore, nicotine salts could be the answer, as they provide ex-smokers with the nicotine hit they crave without the harm of tobacco. 

When people quit smoking, it is withdrawing from the nicotine that is often the hardest thing to deal with. These symptoms can include anxiety, depression, irritability, dizziness, nausea, sore throats, constipation, increased appetite and tremors. 

Being unable to cope with these, as well as finding it hard to break the habit of holding something in their hand, doing something while on the phone or on a work break, or puffing away after a meal, makes it much more difficult to be disciplined with their quitting goal. 

Therefore, replacing cigarettes with nicotine salts and vapes could be the answer, as they are still getting the nicotine, which means they will not experience the nasty symptoms. However, they will be able to enjoy the health benefits of being smoke-free.