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How To Make Your Own E-Liquid

If you’re serious about vaping and you want to take your hobby a step further, you might want to create your own e-liquid. After all, making your own e-liquids is not only fun and cost-effective, but it also gives you a greater degree of control over your flavours.

If you want to know how to create your own DIY e-liquid then you’ve come to the right place. Here we provide all the info you need to help you make tasty, high-quality vapes you can call your own!


Benefits Of Making Your Juice

Before we go over what you need to create your own e-liquid, let’s remind ourselves why DIY hobbyists get such a kick out of creating their own juices with these five benefits.


Full Control Over Flavours

Arguably the biggest advantage to creating your very own juices is gaining full control over the flavours you vape. If there’s a flavour you can’t seem to find anywhere, or you’d like to tweak the recipe for a particular juice, you can do that by crafting your own.

Creating your very own juices means you no longer rely on e-liquid manufacturers to get your juices right. Having this control is priceless for those who are particular about the flavour they vape.


It’s Cheaper

One of the biggest advantages of vaping is the amount of money you can save compared to smoking. In fact, many are shocked at just how much they can save when they switch to an e-cigarette. 

But did you know there’s even more money to be made when you create your own DIY e-liquid? Creating your own e-liquid can be cost-effective as it allows you to buy ingredients in bulk at lower prices. 

Additionally, by reusing bottles and precisely measuring ingredients, you can stretch your budget even further, meaning the savings you make compared to pre-made e-liquid can be substantial.


It’s Fun

As well as being cheaper and providing full control over your flavours, being able to mix and match your juices is also great fun.

Experimenting with various flavours, nicotine strengths, and vegetable glycerine (VG)/ propylene glycol (PG) ratios creates a sense of creativity and satisfaction when you find that perfect blend!


Larger Bottles

Here in the UK, due to the vaping regulations that are in place, it’s illegal to sell bottles of e-liquid that contain nicotine that are above 10ml. Purchasing these smaller bottles is not only expensive but also bad for the environment given the amount of plastic waste they produce.

Shortfill e-liquid offers an alternative to buying smaller bottles. But if you’re going to mix your own nicotine, why not go all out and mix it all?


Better For Environment

You might not have considered this one before, but creating your very own e-liquid is actually more cost-effective than purchasing pre-bottled juice. As you’re buying your ingredients in bulk and hopefully reusing your bottles, this will mean much less plastic is discarded. 

So if environmental concerns are high on your list of priorities, you’ll be glad to know that DIY e-juice is an eco-friendly choice.


Ingredients You Need For DIY Vape Juice

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to craft your own juices.


Base Liquids (PG/VG)

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are the two base ingredients in your e-liquid, providing the vapour and throat hit. E-liquids are created in different ratios of VG:PG so you’ll need to measure these out into your desired ratio when it’s time to mix.


Flavour Concentrates

Available in a wide variety of flavours, these are the essence of your e-liquid. Ensure your flavours are of high quality, as this will play a pivotal role in your vaping experience.



Assuming you’ll be including nicotine in your e-liquid, this is one of the main ingredients you’ll need. Be sure to source high-quality, properly stored nicotine for the best results.


Equipment You Need For DIY E-Liquid

In order to create your own e-liquid, there’s some equipment you need. Some of these will be more essential than others, but if you want to create the best juices as quickly, conveniently, and effectively as possible, this is what we recommend


Mixing Containers

You’ll need some beakers or containers to safely and accurately mix your ingredients.


Gloves And Safety Gear

To protect your skin and eyes, purchase some gloves and safety goggles, especially if you’re handling concentrated nicotine or flavour concentrates.


Syringes Or Pipettes

These are vital to ensuring precise measurement of ingredients, particularly if you’re dealing with small volumes of nicotine and flavour concentrates.


Bottles For Storage

Once you’ve mixed your liquids, you’ll need bottles to store them in. Plastic bottles with child-resistant caps are ideal for storing your juices safely.


Labels And Markers

If you’re going to be creating multiple flavours, then you’ll need some labels and markers so you know which is which.


Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your workspace and equipment tidy, not only prevents you from getting chemicals all over the place, but it also stops cross-contamination of flavours, which would ruin your juices. So invest in some cleaning materials, such as paper towels, isopropyl alcohol, and a cloth, to keep your stuff squeaky clean!


Somewhere To Store E-liquids

The more organised among you may wish to create a dedicated space to keep your e-liquids. This ensures they’re out of harm’s way, away from light, heat, children, and pets.


To simplify the process of sourcing your equipment, we offer mixing a range of e-liquid mixing kits. These come with many of the pieces of equipment you need to get started.


Mixing Methods

When it comes to mixing your ingredients, there are two ways to determine the amounts that should be included.


Mixing by Weight

If mixing by weight, this method will involve measuring ingredients using a scale. Considering the potentially small quantities involved, you’ll probably need a scale that’s capable of accurately measuring to at least two decimal places.

When mixing this way, each ingredient, including base liquids (PG/VG), nicotine, and flavour concentrates, is weighed directly into the mixing container. This method is often preferred for its precision and simplicity, and there’s no need for syringes. You’ll also have less to clean up.

Just remember to set the scale to zero before adding each ingredient, or you run the risk of messing up your ratios!


Mixing by Volume

When mixing by volume, you’ll need to measure ingredients using syringes, graduated cylinders, or pipettes to achieve accurate quantities.

Each ingredient will need to be measured based on volume markings on the equipment, which requires precision in reading measurements and handling. This can be a tad more difficult if dealing with especially small quantities.

Both of these methods are effective ways of measuring and mixing your ingredients. Ultimately, the method you choose will depend on your personal preference and perhaps the equipment at your disposal.


Step-By-Step Guide

Now we know what we need to create our very own juice, here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.


Step 1: Stay Safe

Before you begin, put on your gloves and safety goggles. Nicotine is a potent alkaloid, so be sure to handle it cautiously.


Step 2: Mix Base Liquids

Measure out your desired ratio of VG and PG. Depending on which method of measurement you’ve chosen, you’ll either do this with a scale or with syringes and pipettes. Pour them into your mixing bottle.

The most common ratios are 70% VG: 30% PG and 50:50, although you’re free to experiment.


Step 3: Add Nicotine (If Desired)

Should you wish to include nicotine in your juice, it’s time to carefully add it to the mixture. If you’re creating e-liquid for the first time, knowing how much to add can be confusing. So use a calculator or online mixing tool to ensure you achieve your preferred nicotine strength.


Step 4: Add Flavours

Next, select your flavour concentrates and add them to your base liquid. Measure the desired amount carefully, as these concentrates can be potent, so you don’t want to spill them.

When it comes to adding flavours, you’re free to try out as many different flavour combos as you like. After all, this is where the magic lies!


Step 5: Shake And Steep

Once all your ingredients have been added, it’s time to give it a good shake to mix them thoroughly. Just remember to seal the bottle tightly first!

After that, the waiting game begins, as it’s time to steep your juice. This is where the ingredients are allowed to mature, providing the best possible flavour.

Patience really is a virtue at this stage. Try to let your juice steep in a dark, cool place for at least a few days. Some like to steep for a couple of weeks, which guarantees the best flavour.


Step 6: Test

Once you’ve allowed your juice to steep, it’s time to take your homemade e-liquid for a test drive! Load up your vape device with some e-liquid and give it a whirl.

Hopefully, you’ll be delighted with the flavour, and your batch will be good to go. If not., you can tweak it a little to get it just right.


Step 7: Bottle 

Once you’re happy with your juice, it’s time to bottle it up. Use clean bottles for storing your juice to avoid any contamination that could disrupt the flavour and spoil all your hard work! 

If you’ve made more than one flavour or you plan to make more soon, it’s a good idea to label and mark them so you know which is which.

Once bottled, it’s time to enjoy your very own, homemade juice.


What To Avoid

Before we round off this guide, let’s just go over a few pitfalls beginners tend to make when they create their own e-liquid. Here are four of the most common.


Inaccurate Measurements

If you’re rushing or just not paying close enough attention, you may get some of the measurements wrong. At best, this could disrupt your flavours. At worst, it could pose a safety hazard. 

So pay close attention to your measurements to ensure an enjoyable and safe vaping experience.


Poor Quality Ingredients

Using poor-quality ingredients or products not designed specifically for vaping can lead to off-flavours, harsh throat hits, and even unsafe mixtures.

Always opt for high-quality, specifically designed ingredients, which you’ll find right here on our website!


Ignoring Safety Precautions

Handling concentrated nicotine or flavourings without gloves and goggles can pose serious health risks. This should always be a top priority whenever you craft your own liquids.


Forgetting To Steep

As pointed out in our step-by-step guide, if you want to enjoy the best flavour possible, you’ll need to demonstrate some patience by steeping your juice.

By vaping your juice right away, you fail to give the ingredients sufficient time to properly meld. Like a fine wine, your flavours need to mature, so the longer you leave your juice to steep, the better it’ll taste.



So that’s all you need to know about creating your very own DIY e-liquid. After reading through this guide, you should be armed with all the knowledge you need to get to work crafting your very own juices.

We’ve covered the benefits of DIY e-liquid, the ingredients and equipment you need, as well as providing a step-by-step guide to making your juices. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.