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Your New Crystal Bar Not Working! Why Not Try These Things Today?

Your New Crystal Bar Not Working! Why Not Try These Things Today?

In the rapidly changing vaping world, disposable devices such as the SKE Crystal Bar have gained widespread popularity among vapers looking for ease of use and practicality.

The appeal of these one-time wonders lies in their ready-to-use nature, which takes away the worry of charging and makes vaping very simple. But what if your trusty Crystal vape started troubling you? Don’t worry!

We have got you covered. This blog will discuss everything from the mystifyingly blinking LED lights to the unforeseen auto-firing. But before exploring the details of crystal bar troubleshooting, let us briefly discuss what SKE crystal bars are.

SKE Crystal Bars: A Quick Glance

SKE Crystal Bars represent simplicity and elegance in the vaping world. These devices of convenience straight out of the box are for one-time use. Say goodbye to the struggle of charging because Crystal Bars are pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid, generally providing an intense shot of nicotine strength.


Aesthetically appealing, the Crystal Bars have a colour gradient made visible in the interior of a sleek and glassy structure. They may not be as secretive as some of the disposable alternatives, such as the Elf Bar 600, to name one example that comes to mind, which is specifically designed for turning heads on a night out.