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Why Have Nicotine Salts Become So Popular In Vape Hardware?

Why Have Nicotine Salts Become So Popular In Vape Hardware?

It has been two decades since the modern vape was invented, and since then, millions of people have chosen to swap their cigarettes for a modern solution, but not all of them did so for the same reasons.

There are a lot of people who directly transitioned from smoking to vaping to significantly improve their health and the health of those around them. However, others prefer the hit that comes from vaping compared to smoking, and others are still more interested in the flavour opportunities vape hardware provides.

Flavoured cigarettes have been illegal for decades, but there is a wide variety of flavoured vapes available, either as disposable pens, juice bottles or in disposable pods. Let us explore the difference between flavoured cigarettes and flavoured vapes in detail:

Flavoured Cigarettes vs. Flavoured Vapes

The shift from the conventional cigarette to vaping has been a revolution for several, characterised by different incentives such as health issues and even those who love trying the new experience that comes with it. However, flavoured cigarettes were banned many years ago, and the world of flavoured vapes has flourished, providing a vast selection through disposable pens, pods, and e-juice bottles.

A Shift Towards Vaping

For individuals looking for an alternative to smoking, the vaping industry presents several options that revolve around various tastes. But what jumps out is the – taste factor. Flavoured vapes have become a beacon for enthusiasts who love to venture and enjoy various tastes that were unimaginable in the smoking world.

However, which type of vape is best for vaping epicures and those keen to sample the finer and more unique parts of the vaping world? The answer very much depends on how much you are willing to commit to a good experience.

Before giving a verdict, let us have a look at the major modern vapes available nowadays:

Modern Vaping Products

  • Disposable Vapes: Simplicity with a Catch

The disposable vapes offer a simple, hassle-free alternative to individuals wanting to enter the flavour world. Such ready-to-use devices give an outright tasting experience, not requiring any preparation, cleaning, or personalisation. But on the flip side is their wasteful nature, disposal problems, and a commitment to one flavour until you are through with all of which is in a device.

  • Conventional Tank Vapes: Customisation at its Peak

At the other extreme, more traditional ‘tank’ vapes such as box mods and pen kits provide high levels of customisability. Users can taste different flavours prior to purchasing an entire tank. Although these devices ensure long-term savings, they need frequent cleaning to prevent flavour cross-contamination and require higher user engagement in terms of installation and maintenance.

  • Pod Vapes: Striking a Balance

The emergence of prefilled pod kits over the past few years seeks to find a middle ground between disposables and mods. These small devices are simple to operate and can be used again, but the flavour pod is discarded after each use. This middle ground will appeal to those who seek convenience without having to sacrifice a variety of flavours.

In the fast-paced world of vaping, enthusiasts have access to a plethora of vaping products that go beyond just disposable and pod vapes. Two major categories that have become popular are Vape Mods and Starter Kits, which meet different needs of their consumers.

  • Mods: Elevating Customisation to New Heights

Vape Mods and Mod Kits have become popular in the world of vaping. These devices give consumers complete control over their vaping experience through various adjustable settings. In contrast to ordinary vape pens, mods can achieve outputs that exceed what was previously considered the limits of conventionality. 

  • Starter Kits: Simplifying the Transition

The emerging sight of diverse products and terminology can be overwhelming for those just beginning their trip from smoking to vaping. This is where Vape Starter Kits come into play to simplify the shift. These kits are easy to use and give everything necessary for a vape induction, with leading brands providing them. From the fundamental equipment to precise instructions, vape starter kits guarantee a seamless transition, minimising anxiety while enabling users to stick to their quitting goals.

Key Features of Starter Kits:

Comprehensive Inclusions: Starter kits usually provide everything needed, ensuring the users have everything they might need for a smooth passage.


Elimination of Jargon: These kits are made for beginners and include detailed guides to make the process easier with no complicated terminologies used.


Tank Flexibility: These starter kits differ from many pre-packaged options because they usually let users select their tank separately. This flexibility allows easy flavour changing without emptying and refilling the tank; one can simply switch between tanks and enjoy different flavours hassle-free.

To Sum Up

In terms of simplicity, disposable vapes are the obvious solution, as they can be bought over the counter ready to try a flavour immediately, without any preparation, cleaning or customisation to get the right hit. However, they are quite wasteful, difficult to dispose of, and if you choose a flavour you do not like, you are stuck with it until it runs out, which can discourage people from making bolder choices with their flavours.


By contrast, a conventional tank vape such as a box mod or cigalike allows for far more customisation and lets someone sample a flavour before they commit to vaping an entire tank. However, these tanks need cleaning after each use to avoid contaminated flavours and need a bit more commitment to get started, even if the savings are clear in the long run.

In recent years, there has been a rise in pod vapes, which try to split the difference between disposable and box mod vapes. They are often small, discreet and easy to use but can also be reused, with only the flavour pod disposed of after use.


Specifically, for consumers interested in even higher levels of customisation, Vape Mods and Mod Kits offer unprecedented control over the vaping process. Instead, vape starter kits aim to make the change easier for beginners by offering complete packages that do away with confusion and allow quick progress from smoking towards vaping.


It is concluded that the culture of vaping keeps on changing, giving a variant for everyone. If you are a flavour lover, an e-liquid customisation expert, or just about to make the decision to stop smoking cigarettes – look no further since modern vaping goods have ample variety for anyone.

The variety of options in vaping allows you to discover, enjoy and enrich the entire smoking experience, making every breath distinctive and enjoyable.


Be it advanced customisation through mods or simple ease-entry into vaping with disposable vapes or starter kits – the market has all that one needs and more.

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