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Velo V/S Nicotine Gum - Which Is A Better Choice For Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Velo V/S Nicotine Gum – Which Is A Better Choice For Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Are you finally ready to quit smoking? Great! However, giving up cigarettes is not so simple. People opt for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which is very reliable for dealing with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Among all products, Velo nicotine pouches and nicotine gum are the two most common. However, what should be the first place in the Non-Tobacco-Related product category? This is the moment of truth; we are here to solve the problem.

What is Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Let us start by defining the concept of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The goal of NRT is to provide the desired addictive agent from tobacco – nicotine. It assists in the mitigation of the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that appear after a smoker quits smoking. NRT helps by providing nicotine without the toxic substances in tobacco smoke.

Velo Nicotine Pouches

The product was a large breakthrough in the market segments that did not encourage smoking. With pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and flavourings, these unobtrusive small nicotine packs offer alternatives to those who would just opt to quit smoking cigarettes. Velo pouches are very convenient and user-friendly. Just tuck it between the gum and the lip, and a fixed amount of nicotine is released, which will alleviate the craving but without using the regular cigarette or e-cigarette. They are the game-changers that help you give up smoking. Altogether, you also have a variety of flavours and various nicotine strengths that are suitable for everyone.

Nicotine Gum

Along with being another widely available, non-prescription medicine, nicotine gum helps to curb cravings for nicotine when administered orally. As with Velo pouches, the nicotine gums are available in various strength ranges, enabling users to adjust their dosages up or down to match their requirements. However, unlike Velo pouches, Nicotine gum has to be chewed more than once daily so that the individual can maintain the necessary quantity of the chemical. Simultaneously, certain consumers tend to dislike the texture and flavour as well.

Which is Better?

Several reasons contribute to the claim Velo is the better option for nicotine replacement therapy when compared to nicotine gum:

Discreetness: Velo pouches are an inconspicuous yet useful way to take nicotine without drawing attention to yourself, which makes them ideal for settings like offices and airports.

Ease of Use: Velo pouches eliminate any concern about chewing or swallowing, and their use does not impede daily activities.

Flavour Variety: Velo pouches are offered in a variety of alluring tastes that satiate users’ need for nicotine while also providing a pleasurable experience.

Controlled Dosage: Every Velo pouch contains the same amount of nicotine, allowing the user to take exactly the amount they want and reducing the chance of overindulging.

Which Should You Choose?

The option between using nicotine gums and Velo pouches ultimately comes down to personal preference and health. For someone accustomed to chewing, the Velo pouches can become addicting. Contrarily, for people looking for discrete and efficient nicotine replacement therapy, nicotine chewing gum can be a convenient, up-to-date option.

Top Tips for Success

  • Set a deadline: Having a quit date can help you stay motivated
  • Find your triggers: Determine the circumstances that lead to your craving and devise a plan of action to address them
  • Talk to doctor: They can provide you with support and suggest the best NRT for you
  • Celebrate milestones: Reward yourself for achieving any big non-smoking milestone


Ultimately, nicotine gum and Velo nicotine pouches both help in the process of quitting smoking. Nonetheless, Velo is a far more practical option for people attempting to stop smoking due to its discreteness, simplicity of use, variety of flavours, and ability to be taken at a set dosage. Velo nicotine pouches are always there to support you on your quest to be tobacco-free, regardless of when you were first introduced to Velo or when you are finally exploring the world of alternative products. Are you ready to change now? Get Velo Nicotine pouches from our online vape shop to get started on the path to a healthy way of living right now!