E Liquid Concentrates

e-liquid Concentrates at DIY E Liquids. All they concentrates we sell have been made by our professional vape flavourists specifically for vaping. If you are looking for a wide selection of crafted flavours you are at the right place. we have a large selection of flavours so you will always find something new to try. All our intense concentrates have exceptional flavours and are of the highest quality.  You can create unique flavours by mixing any combination of concentrates.

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Making E-Liquids FAQ

How do you make your own E Liquids?

Ok, so if you are interested in making your own e liquids as at home there will be some basic information you will need to know. E liquids consist on four key ingredients which are: VG (vegetable Glycerine), PG (propylene glycol), Flavour concentrate and nicotine (optional).

The first step will be to choose what flavour of e liquid you would like to make. There is a large selection of DIY e liquid coventrates so you can be sure to find a flavour you will enjoy vaping.

Once you have your flavour concentrate you can now start to mixing it with VG and PG to make your e liquid.

Most popular mixing ratios tend to be 80vg/20pg, 70vg/30pg and 50pg/50vg.

What are e liquid concentrates?

E Liquid concentrates are used in the making of vape juice.  Concentrates tend to have a PG base which acts as the flavour carrier when mixing e liquids. Concentrates give you the flavouring mixtures of your favourite vape juices.

How are e liquid concentrates made?

Flavour concentrates are made by mixing artificial flavourings mixed with PG.

How is Vegetable glycerine used in e liquids?

Vegetable Glycerine also called VG is used when making e liquids to help in the production of vapour when vaping. A higher mix of VG will result in larger cloud production and an e liquid with a lower VG mix will not produce as much vapour.

How is Propylene Glycol (PG) used in e liquids?

When mixing e liquids PG is used to dilute the e liquid mix to make it thinner, as a result a thinner e liquid with a higher content of PG will give you less vapour production. PG is also used in the e liquid concentrates as a flavour carrier.

How much E liquid concentrate should I use?

It all depends on how you like to vape and how strong you like your flavours when vaping. With Concentrates from DIY E liquids we recommend using between 10% to 20% concentrate per mix. It also depends very much on they type of e liquid you are looking to make, a high VG e liquid will require slightly more concentrate as VG does not carry the flavour as well as PG.

How much e liquid does 30ml concentrate make?

A 30ml concentrate will produce around 120ml – 150ml of e liquid if mixed at a 20% to 25% flavour ratio.

What will I need when making my own e liquids?

When making your own DIY E liquids you will need the following ingredients and accessories.

Ingredients: Flavour Concentrate, PG, VG

Accessories: Bottles to keep you e liquids, mixing beaker, syringes to measure the right amount of liquid to be mixed.

Take a look out our E Liquid Mixing Kits where we provide you with everything you need to start mixing E Liquids.

How much concentrate should I use to make 100ml of E Liquid?

This depends on how strong the concentrates you are going to use are. At DIY E liquids all our concentrates are strong and we recommend using between 10%-20% or 20ml concentrate when making 100ml of e juice.

How long do I steep my eliquids for?

Most fruit and menthol flavours tend to be ready to use as soon as you have mixed them, although steeping them for a few days can give you a better and more intense flavour. When you are mixing Desert type flavours steeping for 5-10 days can greatly increase the flavour and helps bring out all the layers of flavour when vaping.

How much money can i save making my own e-liquids?

you will save a considerable amount of money compared ti buying branded e-liquids.

Average cost of making DIY e-liquids.

  • 10ml Approx £0.30p
  • 50ml Approx £0.50p
  • 100ml Approx £0.9op

As you can see you can save a small fortune making your own juices, so why not give it a go.