100ml Shortfill E Liquids 3 for £15

100ml Shortfill e liquids are a larger bottle of e liquid that contains no nicotine. Shortfill e-liquid comes in a 120ml bottle so you can add up to two nicotine shot to your juice.

Most 100ml e-liquids are made with high VG intended for use with DTL sub-ohm kits. For those who require smaller volumes of e liquid, consider our 50ml range. For those who prefer higher nicotine strengths, take a look at our 10ml and nic salt ranges.

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100ml E Liquid FAQ

Do 100ml e liquids contain nicotine?

E-liquids sold in 100ml bottles are nicotine free. If you prefer nicotine shots to your vape juice. You can add up to two nicotine to your e liquid.

How do you add nicotine to a 100ml e liquid bottle?

You can add nicotine to your e liquid by opening the bottle top and the nib and pouring your nicotine shot into the e liquid. Put the top back on then shake the bottle and vape.

How long does 100ml e liquid last?

It all depends on the device and power that you are vaping at. In most cases, a 100ml bottle of vape juice will last a heavy vaper up to three to four days. Moderate vapers will usually be able to enjoy the bottle for about a week. And finally, casual users will usually find that 100ml bottles last them around ten to 14 days.

How much does 100ml vape juice cost?

A 100ml vape juices are available from £3 to £20. It all depends on the brand that you use. Just because some vape juices are lower in cost does not mean they aren’t still made to the high standards as more expensive ones.

How many nic shots do I add into a 100ml shortfill e liquid bottle?

Most 100ml e liquid come in a 120ml bottle, so you can add up too two 10ml nic shot to the e liquid.