Freeze X Nicotine Pouches By ICE



  • Brand: ICE
  • Flavour: Freeze X
  • Pouches per can: 20
  • Nicotine Strength: 38mg
  • Nicotine Per Pouch: 19mg
  • Nicotine Rating: Extra Strong
  • Pouch Type: Slim
  • Made In: Iceland
  • Tobacco Free, Vape Free, Smoke Free


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Freeze X Nicotine Pouches By ICE

Freeze X Nicotine Pouches By ICE deliver a fresh blend of ice-cold mints, for those seeking a satisfying nicotine experience without smoke. Users experience the intense taste of an extremely icy cocktail with a smooth nicotine kick.  This product is perfect for adults looking for a discreet and flavorful alternative to tobacco products or vaping.

Nicotine Strength Of ICE Pouches

The Ice nicotine pouches contain a nicotine strength of 19mg per pouch.

More About the Ice Brand

ICE Nicotine Pouches stand out in the market with their innovative solution for smokeless nicotine pouches, Their commitment to excellence ensures a superior product.

These compact, organic nicotine pouches are available in a selection of flavors, designed for those in pursuit of bold and unique taste.

Crafted in Iceland, ICE Nicopods are made using pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and the finest ingredients.

How To Use Nicotine Pouches.

Discover how to satisfy your nicotine needs with nicotine pouches. First, open the container, choose a single pouch, and tuck it beneath your lip, between your upper or lower lip and gum. Find you sweet spot!

No need to worry about the exact positioning—flexibility is key.

Allow the pouch to rest for up to 5-60 minutes, providing you with an easy and discreet, tobacco-free nicotine hit. Nicotine pouches present an uncomplicated, smoke-free solution to fulfill your nicotine cravings, blending convenience with satisfaction.

Additional information

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What are ICE nicotine pouches?

ICE nicotine pouches are discreet, small packets filled with nicotine and other high-quality components designed for oral use. You place one under your upper lip to experience nicotine without smoking.

Are ICE nicotine pouches tobacco-free?

Yes, ICE nicotine pouches offer a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes, containing nicotine without any tobacco.

How do I choose the right ICE pouches?

Selecting the appropriate ICE pouch involves considering your desired nicotine strength and flavor preference. There are various options to suit different tastes and needs.

How do I use ICE nicotine pouches?

To use an ICE pouch, simply place it under your upper lip. It's a hassle-free and smokeless way to enjoy nicotine.

Can ICE pouches be chewed or swallowed?

No, you should not chew, suck on, or swallow ICE pouches. They are designed to be placed under the lip for nicotine absorption.

How many pouches are in a can of ICE?

Typically, a can of ICE nicotine pouches contains 20 individual pouches.