Mint Nicotine Pouches By POKE



  • Brand: POKE
  • Flavour: Mint
  • Pouches per can: 20
  • Nicotine Strength: 10 mg, 15mg, 20mg
  • Made  In: Denmark
  • Tobacco Free, Vape Free, Smoke Free
  • Made With 100% Quality Extracts

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Mint Nicotine Pouches By POKE

Mint Nicotine Pouches By POKE offers a refreshing burst of cool mint, invigorating the senses with a crisp and clean taste. This meticulously crafted blend provides a soothing, long-lasting freshness, making it a perfect companion for moments of relaxation and focus.

Nicotine Strength Of POKE

  • 6 MG/Pouch = 10 MG/G
  • 9 MG/Pouch = 15 MG/G
  • 12 MG/Pouch = 20 MG/G

More About the POKE Brand

POKE, is a nicotine pouch brand from Denmark, that commits to the quality of its products. These oral nicotine pouches are made without the use of tobacco leaf, giving a cleaner alternative to traditional nicotine consumption methods.

POKE nicotine pouches are designed to be discreetly placed between the lip and gum, offering users a convenient experience. This method of nicotine delivery is appealing to individuals seeking to reduce their tobacco usage or looking for a tobacco-free nicotine option.

How To Use Nicotine Pouches.

Discover how to satisfy your nicotine needs with nicotine pouches. First, open the container, choose a single pouch, and tuck it beneath your lip, between your upper or lower lip and gum. Find your sweet spot!

Allow the pouch to rest for up to 5-60 minutes, providing you with an easy and, tobacco-free nicotine hit. Nicotine pouches present a smoke-free solution to fulfill your nicotine cravings, convenience with satisfaction.

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What is a POKE Nicotine Pouch?

A POKE nicotine pouch is a tobacco-free alternative to smoking and vaping, offering a discreet way to consume nicotine without combustion or vapor.

How do I use a POKE Nicotine Pouch?

Simply place a POKE nicotine pouch between your gum and lip. It requires no spitting and can be used discreetly at any time and place.

What are the benefits of using POKE Nicotine Pouches?

The main benefits include a smoke-free, vapor-free nicotine experience, reduced exposure to harmful tobacco products, and the convenience of use in non-smoking areas.

What are POKE Nicotine Pouches made of?

POKE nicotine pouches are made of a blend of nicotine, flavorings, and plant-based fibers, designed to offer a satisfying experience without the use of tobacco leaves.

Can I use POKE Nicotine Pouches anywhere?

Yes, POKE nicotine pouches can be used in places where smoking and vaping are not allowed, making them a versatile option for nicotine consumption.

How long can I keep a POKE Nicotine Pouch in?

For the optimal experience, it's recommended to use the pouch for up to 30 minutes, though personal preference and tolerance may vary.