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What You Should Know When Using A Vape To Quit Smoking

There is never a wrong time to consider quitting smoking, and the health benefits for you and anyone around you when you do smoke have long been documented and corroborated.

As well as this, the benefits of e-cigarettes and vape hardware for smokers are well-documented and supported by the NHS, and the chances of quitting increase twofold compared to other nicotine replacements such as gum or patches.

In fact, this was the intention of its creator, Dr Hon Lik, with the idea that a vape would be to smoking what the digital camera would turn out to be for film. Inhaling superheated vapour is a similar sensation to smoking and that helps manage issues such as oral fixation.

However, much like how using a DSLR is not quite like using a film camera, using a vape device does have some differences and complexities that it is important to understand before you make the switch.

Here is a brief guide to the information you should know if you decide to quit smoking with the help of a vaping device.


Not All Vapes Are The Same

In fact, vaping devices can be surprisingly and astonishingly different, with different capabilities, complexities, installation instructions and a different set of hits, and understanding which is right for you will largely depend on the type of smoker you were.

There are a lot of different types of vape devices out there, but the main three, in order of complexity, are disposables and cigalikes, pod vapes, and box mod vapes.

Disposable vape bars are the most common, the most simple and often the place where many people who want to try vaping start, as they are often available with a wide range of nicotine levels and flavours at an affordable price, although they are not the most cost-effective way to vape long-term.

A similar product is the cigalike or vape pen, which is often used to describe any vape with a shape and feel similar to a cigarette or a cigar and they are often specifically designed to help stop smoking, often having flavours similar to tobacco by default, although others are effectively compact box mod vapes.

Pod vapes are a slightly more permanent alternative without being overly complex either, with vape juice supplied in pods with heating coils built in that are swapped in and out like cartridges. The vape pods are more expensive than refillable bottles but are a great alternative.

Finally, there are the larger box mods, which are much larger, modular devices that consist of a large central unit with a battery pack, a tank and a heating coil that is often the part that is replaced the most.

Exactly which is best for you depends on your smoking style, but typically disposables and pod vapes are the best place to start.


Use As You Need

Depending on how intensely you smoke, you may find yourself puffing on a vape more often than smoking at first until you get used to how a nicotine vape hits differently from a cigarette.


Top Up With Patches

One option that can really help is to use nicotine patches to ensure you have a slow release of nicotine throughout the day that is combined with puffs from a vape when necessary to help you out when you need it most.