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The Ultimate Guide To Disposable Vapes

When it comes to convenience, nothing does it quite like a disposable. Long gone are the days when you had to carry a chunky device or bottles of e-liquid around with you to refill your kit! These days you can just grab a disposable, take it out of the box, and it’s ready to use right away!

As well as being quick and easy, these devices are also simple, making them ideal for beginners or those who just fancy an uncomplicated vape. With their simplified, auto-draw function, you just puff your vape until it runs out. Once it’s finished, just throw it away and swap it for another one!

Disposable vapes have truly revolutionised the world of vaping, adding an unbeatable level of ease and convenience that have made them the go-to voice for millions of vapers.


What Is a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes are single-use vape devices that have transformed the industry since their arrival a few short years ago. These all-in-one kits are ready to be vaped straight out of the box, meaning no coil changes, no e-liquid top-ups and no recharging when your battery dies (unless the device is rechargeable).


How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

In terms of its components, a disposable vape consists of a built-in battery, an e-liquid chamber, a heating element, a mouthpiece, and usually an LED indicator so you know how much life is left in the battery.

In most cases, disposable units are sleek, slimline devices that are perfect for throwing in your pocket or bag. The 600-puff devices, in particular, are small, compact kits that can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. 

Although some of the larger devices that provide more puffs do tend to be chunkier, even most of these are smaller and lighter than many refillable devices.


How To Use a Disposable Vape?

As touched on already, one of the biggest advantages of using disposable vapes is simplicity. This makes them perfect for beginners who are just getting started as no experience is required.

When you buy a disposable, it’ll come in a box and a plastic wrapper. Remove it from the packaging and you might find a small rubber stopper on the mouthpiece which comes with some devices. Take this off and you’re ready to use your kit.

Place the mouthpiece in your lips and inhale, drawing the vapour first into your mouth and then into your lungs. And that’s pretty much all there is to it!


Why You Should Use a Disposable Vape?

There are many different types of vapes and styles of vaping. Ultimately, the one that suits you best will depend on your needs and preferences, but for those who want convenience and ease of use, as well as delicious flavour, disposables are the obvious choice!

With their low price point, disposables are also a great entry-level device if you’re unsure about vaping and just want to try it out. Just remember that in the long run disposables can start to get more expensive compared to refillable kits, so if you’re going to be vaping full time then you might want to invest in a more cost-effective kit once you’ve found your feet.


How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about vaping, and it’s also one of the most difficult to answer. But let’s give it a try anyway!

The most common disposable vapes provide approximately 600 puffs, so let’s start with these. So, assuming you’re using the vape moderately, you should usually expect these devices to last one-two days.

Having said that, clearly a lot depends on how hard you’re hitting the vape. If you’re taking short, minimal puffs then obviously it’ll last you longer than if you were taking long, humongous hits!

For devices with a higher puff count, it’s difficult to say how long you can expect them to last. A lot will depend on the puff count, as well as whether the battery is rechargeable. Some disposable kits provide a larger puff count. Assuming these are rechargeable, if used sensibly they should last most vapers a few weeks.


How Much Nicotine Is In a Disposable Vape?

As you can see, disposable vapes differ from one device to the next and this includes the nicotine content. While some devices contain no nicotine at all (0mg), others come with up to 20mg of nicotine per device.

*20mg is the most nicotine that’s permitted per 2ml of e-liquid under the TPD’s rules.


How Are Disposable Vapes Different From Other Vapes?

There are some significant differences between disposable vapes and refillable vapes.

The most obvious difference is that disposables aren’t refilled or recharged. Once they run out, they need to be thrown away and swapped for another. Any device that’s refillable should not be classed as disposable.

The price point is another major difference. Whereas most refillable kits typically come with a price tag of between £20-£60, disposables are usually much cheaper with most single-use devices costing around £5. Obviously, some of the disposables with higher puff counts cost more, but an Elf Bar or Crystal Bar would usually cost around £5.

Likewise, unlike refillable kits, there’s no need to change coils or pods, and it’s not possible to change your flavour with a disposable.

As disposables are so varied, some of these will be more applicable than others depending on the device you’re looking at, but those are the typical differences.


Best Disposable Vape Brands

These days, there are many much-loved disposable brands. Here are some of the most popular ones we stock:


Elf Bars

The best-selling Elf Bars are an easy-to-use option that are perfect for beginner and experienced vapers alike. Offering a simple approach with no maintenance, each Elf Bar is prefilled and precharged, with a range of delicious flavours to choose from.


Lost Mary

If you’re on the hunt for affordable yet delectable disposable vape pens, then the Lost Mary brand ticks both of those boxes and more! The brand also offers a range of different models including the AM600, BM600 and QM600, meaning they’re suited to every type of vaper!


Elux Bar 

Elux is a brand that’s dedicated to delivering exceptional vaping experiences. With their range of models and wide selection of amazing flavours, Elux offers a delightful range of products that cater to all preferences. 


SKE Crystal Bar

Dressed in a stylish clear exterior and arriving in 39 delectable flavours, it’s easy to see why the SKE Crystal Bars are now some of the most popular devices on the market.



If you’re looking for the best value possible, check out the iFresh Bar range, which offers great flavour at some of the most affordable prices you’re likely to find!



In summary, disposable vapes provide a convenient, user-friendly way to enjoy vaping. They come in various nicotine strengths and puff counts, making them suitable for different preferences. However, they cannot be refilled or recharged, and their long-term cost may be higher than reusable kits. 

If you’re looking for a straightforward vaping experience, disposables are a great option.