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What Are The Best SKE Crystal Vape Flavours In The New 4in1 Bar?

What Are The Best SKE Crystal Vape Flavours In The New 4in1 Bar?


Witness a thrilling trip into the colourful and palatable universe of SKE Crystal Vape flavours with the revolutionary 4in1 pod kit. This TPD-compliant device offers many options grouped into Pod Kit single flavours, Pod Kit mixed flavours, which are Pre-filled pod flavours.

It has an astonishing selection of 16 delicious pre-filled pods. The SKE Crystal 4in1 promises a journey for every taste, with each category providing a distinctive vaping experience.

Come discover the depth of these flavour categories with us, starting with the crispness of Pod Kit single flavours and moving on to the carefully combined Pod Kit mixed flavour blends and the satisfying, ready-to-vape Pre-filled pod flavours. 

Wait…! Before exploring various alluring flavour options to enhance your vaping experience, let us introduce you to SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit.

At a Glance: SKE Crystal 4 in 1 Vape Revolution

The amazing SKE Crystal 4in1 Vape completely transforms the vaping experience. In addition to its elegant appearance, this cutting-edge pod kit has a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery that guarantees up to 2400 continuous puffs.

This device is TPD compliant and comes with four 2ml flavoured pods. With an overall e-liquid storage capacity of 8ml, users can easily switch between 16 delectable pre-filled flavours. Every pod, with its 20mg Nic Salt E-Liquid and 1.1-ohm mesh coils, guarantees a powerful and convenient mobile vaping experience. The twistable mouthpiece provides additional adaptability, making it simple to switch to the preferred flavours. 


The package includes one SKE 2400 Puff Disposable Vape Device, four SKE Prefilled Pods, and a User Manual, guaranteeing a thorough and easy-to-use vaping experience. Relish the countless opportunities the SKE Crystal 4in1 pod kit offers the vaping community.

SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit Flavours

Pod Kit Single Flavours

  • Blueberry Lime:

Enjoy the delight of sweet blueberries, but with an added citrusy kick thanks to lime that creates a fruity as well as vibrant vaping sensation.

  • Blue Sour Raspberry:

Prepare your palate to embark on an exciting journey with the Blue Sour Raspberry, which offers a harmonious mix of blueberries and raving sourness between delicious ruby reds.

  • Cherry Ice:

Enjoy the icy fusion of cherries in this satisfyingly cool vape that’s perfect for those who want to try something refreshing.

  • Fruit Medley:

Bask in an opulent bouquet of fruits, delivering a mouth-watering and rich vapour with every puff.

  • Lemon Lime:

Savour the iconic combination of lemon and lime for zesty satisfaction in every draw, as your taste buds are left re-energised.

  • Watermelon Ice:

Refresh in the juiciness of watermelon, topped off with a cool ice finish combining both sweet and freshness.

Pod Kit Mixed Flavours

Blue Edition:

Pod 1: Blueberry Sour Raspberry – enjoy a bit of sourness with candy-like essence through the mixture of Sour Raspberries.

Pod 2: Cola Ice – This flavour combines the classic taste of cola with a cool burst.

Pod 3: Blueberry Raspberries – Experience the beautiful blend of succulent blueberries and zesty raspberries.

Pod 4: Blueberry Peach – A paradise musical; the melody of blueberries merges with peaches, imparting a tropical essence.


Green Edition:

Pod 1: Lime & Lemon – A burst of fresh, tart flavour on each puff.

Pod 2: Blue Razz Lemonade – An energetic blend of blue razz and lemonade. A bright and refreshing explosion of taste as you inhale.

Pod 3: Fruit Medley – A refreshing medley of different fruits providing a fulfilling vape.

Pod 4: Lychee Ice – Sweet lychee tastes and cool inhales for a cooling effect.


Rose Edition:

Pod 1: A refreshing and chilling taste that quenches your thirst.

Pod 2: Strawberry Burst- a sweet flavour infused with the natural tartness of fresh strawberries.

Pod 3: Fizzy Cherry – Experience the bubbly joy of cherry with an extra fizz.

Pod 4: White Peach Razz – An orchestra of fruity thrills energising your taste buds.


White Edition:

Pod 1: Watermelon Ice – A refreshing watermelon flavour and a subtle menthol taste for an icy vape.

Pod 2: Watermelon Strawberry – Ripe watermelons compliment the sweetness of fresh-cut strawberries to bring together an amazingly juicy production.

Pod 3: Pink Lemonade – A fresh, invigorating taste of this famous pink lemonade drink.

Pod 4: Melon Berry – A cool blend of summer tastes which combines the taste of ripe melons and juicy berries with every puff.

Pre-Filled Pod Flavours

There are sixteen flavours available in prefilled pods. Out of these, some of the popular flavours are as follows –

Blue Razz Lemonade:

Enjoy a sweet blend of blue raspberries and lemonade that will bring life to your palate with every hit.

Blueberry Peach:

Appreciate a tropical symphony as the juicy blueberries dance with the syrupy tones of peaches, creating an addictive vaping amusement.

Cola Ice:

Fulfil your cola cravings with a minty touch, where the ever-famous taste of cola and an icy punch merge to deliver something amazing.

Fizzy Cherry:

Indulge in the glittering elation of pop champagne cherries enlivened with a bubbly twist, thus creating an exciting and effervescent vaping moment.

Final Words

A vast universe of flavours awaits you with the SKE Crystal 4in1 pod kit, each pod offering a distinct and fulfilling taste. Every vaper who likes single flavours or the thrill of mixed editions can find something to love in the SKE Crystal 4in1. Experience something extraordinary by immersing yourself in the diverse range of flavours offered by SKE Crystal Vape and elevate your vaping journey.