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5 Key Points Why A Disposable Vape Causes A Burnt Taste

5 Key Points Why A Disposable Vape Causes A Burnt Taste

Do you feel disappointed because the unpleasant burnt flavour is ruining your vaping? You are not alone! There are some common situations when disposable vape users have to experience this inconvenience because they struggle to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

But fear not! In this in-depth post, we will uncover the major reasons for that horrible burnt taste and will provide you with actionable advice on how to prevent this:

Common Reasons for Burnt Taste

Several factors can contribute to the unpleasant experience of why your disposable vape might taste burnt. If you get insight into these factors, then it will be easier for you to identify and solve the major issue that would result in a smooth and enjoyable vaping session with your desired disposable vape kit.

Therefore, let’s take the plunge and unlock the mysteries that led to that dreadful burnt vaping. Shall we go?

Chain Vaping

Remember that the burnt taste you are experiencing may not be due to your brand alone. It could be that you need to give yourself more short breaks while vaping.

The vape coil gets heated because of continued chain vaping, and drying the cartridge without pausing can lead to a dry hit. This just results in a burnt flavour. 

Low E-Liquid Levels

Keeping an eye on your e-liquid levels is very important. The coil can’t create a vapour in case of a no e-liquid or low e-liquid, causing a burnt taste. The majority of disposable vapes are made to provide less battery life than the time their e-liquid will stay.

Still, there are also a few types, such as rechargeable disposables, that can run out of juice before the battery dies. And when this moment arrives, it’s time to put the old one into a trash can and replace it with a new one.

Faulty Device

Sometimes, the device itself is the root of the problem. If the vape you just bought from a store tastes burnt immediately, it might result from a manufacturing mistake. Although this situation is very rare, it can occur. Thus, the vape malfunctioning can result in a bitter taste. 

Counterfeit Products

Pay attention to vape cartridges that come in disposable items as they may be made of harmful chemicals and also may produce a burnt taste. Besides, these unlicensed products are illicit, and they were never certified for safety and can also be harmful to your health.

Verification of Authenticity

Make sure your disposable vape is real by tracing its authenticity on the manufacturing website. The verification page, which includes code from the packaging, is popular with a majority of reputable manufacturers.

If you ever wonder, it is always better to confirm and take measures to avoid a chance of faux.

Top Tips for Avoiding a Burnt Taste with Your Disposable Vape Device

The simple fact that you are able to understand why the juicy pod in your vape pen started tasting burnt is commendable, but being able to circumvent it going forward is even more valuable.

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you enjoy a smooth and flavourful vaping experience: 

Avoid Chain Vaping

Continuous vaping, where you rush to get a new hit immediately from exhaling the previous one, could open the possibility of dry hits and even overheating coils. To statistically avoid this, you should go for regular breaks between each puff.

Realising the saturation of e-liquid guarantees a continuous vapour generation, as the burnt taste from excessive usage will be avoided.

Monitor Your E-Liquid Level

Watch for your e-liquid level regularly, and do not let your disposable vape get burnt. Rough attention to your e-liquid level will help you avoid unintended burns.

In excessively low e-liquid conditions, the dry coil and wick will not vaporise the liquid; thus, it will taste burnt.

When the e-liquid level falls to make you notice that the disposable vape will soon run out, it is time to replace it with a new one. Sad enough, in most cases, you can’t refill the juice pod, so you can’t reuse it, and you need to replace it instead.

Verify the Authenticity of Your Disposable Vape

Check your product authenticity and ensure you are using the original vape device from an original company. Usually, brands offer a useful feature on their websites where customers can paste a code generated on the packaging to ensure the product’s legitimacy.

If you have purchased a vaping product from another platform, please confirm the product is original and genuine. At our online vape shop, we give a warranty that every single one of the products sold by us is 100% authentic, either being imported straight from the manufacturer or approved by UK distributors.

Nevertheless, if you have a counterfeit feeling, it is better to use the manufacturer’s authenticity to ensure the product isn’t falsified.

Final Words

Having a burnt/bitter taste in your disposable vape is not a pleasant experience, but you can have it fully averted with the proper information and considerations. As one of the unpleasant sensations you may encounter when vaping, it is important to identify the reasons: chain vaping, low e-liquid levels, faulty devices, or counterfeit products.

By understanding this, you can take proactive measures to make your vaping experience consistently enjoyable.

Now that you have the top tips, you can get rid of the burnt taste and vape freely, with your favourite e-liquids tasting exactly as the label says. Rest assured by buying from reputable dealers!